Saturday, August 27, 2011

Being a Newlywed

Sometimes being a newlywed stinks:

Our apartment, however safe and clean it is, happens to be right next to a railroad track.
This isn't like the locomotive clock that my brother had as a kid that blew its whistle every hour, but had a light sensor and didn't make noise at night. NO, no, no. This railroad track has real trains that come a various hours in the day and night. And they blow their horn a LOT because of the railroad crossings. yay us!

Or, yet again. We are sitting in a hot laundromat, and we're both scrambling on our lap tops while waiting for our clothes because we don't have the internet at home.

While others go out on fancy dates (eating out or a movie), we stay home and watch an old movie or play Wii. 

Other times it's great:

Like today, when I was at work for only 6 hours and I missed my husband. It felt great to walk through our door and say "honey, I'm home!" and get my welcome home kiss.

The 3am train is bearable because he usually wakes up, too. We both sigh from annoyance, and I get another chance to say "I love you".

Because we don't go out for dates or whatever, I've really gotten to know the man I married. We talk and have fun without spending any money. Tonight, for instance, I came home from work and he was cooking me dinner. He made bread and chicken cordon bleu from scratch....for me. :D know, I think I have more fun making dinner with him and watching a movie at home than going out to a movie and dinner (although, I'm dying to go to Joe's Crabshack when we get a little moolah!!!!).

All in all, being a newlywed isn't that bad. I honestly wouldn't trade what I have for anything else.

What's your favorite memory from your newlywed year?


thecaillouets said...

finding out we were pregnant the day we signed for our house!

Katie E. said...

The memory of having baby M ties with watching A introduce him to G.

Jessica said...

My favorite newly wed memory actually involves my mother in law. We used to go over every Monday for fried chicken and wrestling. We somehow got into the habit of doing our laundry together at the laundry mat first. Bart came about half the time and it was so great, with or without him, to sit and just talk for an hour or so uninterrupted. It was great.
One that involves just Bart: watching movies on our TINY t.v. (seriously, that thing was like a 12 inch or something!) and snuggling on our (nicely upholstered by my mom but...) deeply sunken couch and watching a movie, munching on microwave popcorn. We only went out on dates at the beginning of the semester using some pell grant money :) The rest of the time we did free stuff, on campus or around town. It's the best and worst time of your life, but it is how you handle the hard parts that shapes the rest of your lives and makes you the strong couple you can become! Good luck.

Saying I do said...

I love coming home and having dinner with my hubby - it's what gets me through the day usually! Sorry about the railroad - one day you'll be in a different place and you'll look back and say "remember when...?!"