Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Ward

Change is scary. At least I think so. Justin and I have been experiencing a LOT of change. I've basically had my fill of it.

One part of moving that could be/is stressful and/or scary is finding out where your new church is (or, if you aren't LDS,  choosing a new home church). 

Justin and I went to the church website and typed in our address to find out where we're supposed to go. We went to the Shreveport 2nd ward to find out that the next Sunday 3 wards were meeting to create a new ward. That week we found out that we're in the new Bossier City ward. Last Sunday was supposed to be just fast and testimony meeting with a talk from the bishop afterward. Justin & I didn't go because I was awfully sick. So, this weekend is stake conference. Basically our whole experience has been jumbled and we've been shuffling around waiting to get back to a normal routine as far as church goes.

We're trying to just go with the flow. What was the most stressful or worst part of moving to a new place? What was the best part?


thecaillouets said...

It was kind of stressful when we moved into our ward. We were one of two young married couples, i had just found out i was preggos, we just bought a house, etc. Lots of firsts for us. Luckily Bunni DeGraph took us in as her "children" and loaded us up with support and encouragement. Hopefully your new ward will be just as great and supportive to you guys! When ever y'all want to come for a temple weekend let us know. We would love to have yall!