Friday, February 26, 2010

Something about the Weather

So, I'm pretty sure its something about the weather lately that has gotten me in a bad mood. It may be the culmination of things just not working out lately (i.e., non-progression of my projects, boring classes, etc.). I'm ready for spring to come so that it will help me get out of my funky mood.

My perpetual singledom has been painfully brought to light lately. The passing of the dreaded Holidays and Valentine's Day can be quite rough for some of us. I have been trying to focus on myself while I'm waiting for Mr. Right (I fully intend to ask him, when he comes, why he was dragging his feet!).

In the January and February issues of the Ensign there have been more articles that directly address Young Single Adults, and I've really enjoyed them. In January, there was an article called "Being independent, Being Prepared." The one that I liked the most was from February; its called "That They May Grow Up in Thee." If you don't know me, then you'll soon learn that I'm very stubborn and independent. This article focuses on adulthood markers as behaviors and not marital status, which is a refreshing view.

I'm really thankful that the Ensign is featuring talks that speak directly to single adults. Sometimes we get really tired of hearing about and having lessons on families and marriages. It just reminds us of how very single we are. For me, I'm holding on tightly to the words of these inspired Saints, at least until the weather changes and brings along my spring fever!