Friday, April 27, 2012

Dresser Makeover

Over spring break, my husband and I repainted some old dressers.
I had a tall dresser and two side tables that came from my grandparents' house. They didn't match and were really outdated.

I was inspired by somethings I pinned on Pinterest. Here are my inspirations:

I thought...I could totally do that...and this is what we did!

 Our comforter has this geometric design on it. So I found an image online that matched and cut out a stencil on my cricut for the side tables.

For the tall dresser, I used our projector to make the images different sizes and traced them onto the dresser.

We added new drawer pulls, and they look good as new!

What do you think? I'm really pleased at how they turned out.


thecaillouets said...

I LOVE how they turned out. You did a great job! Pintrest is so awesome!

PapaJeff said...

Very good job, Jess. You fit in so well! (Sorry it took me so long to see your post:))!!

Love ya, kiddo!