Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shoe Dilemma

I'm baaack! The semester is O-V-E-R! So, now I'm working close to full time at my part time job and focusing on wedding details.

Today I updated my budget and emailed vendors to check on competing prices. I'm a haggler.

Okay. So. I have this dilemma. I am inherently frugal (thank you mother for instilling this in me). It's about time that I take my dress in to get it altered and I need to have shoes first. Here's the issue:

Beautiful, Beautiful SHOES!
All of the above shoes are approximately $100 and are by my new favorite designer Poetic Licence.
I know, I know. They're wedding shoes. I'm supposedly allowed to splurge. BUT  I really am feeling guilty about even considering buying $100 shoes.. I've never bought shoes that cost that much and probably never will again (if I do).

Here's a cute casual alternative that I would definitely wear the heck out of after the wedding. And hey, who is really going to see my shoes, right?

They look a little more turquoise than in this picture. And...they're less than $40.

So, ladies...Are my splurge shoes worth it? Is this a stupid question (I'm thinking it probably is)? Which ones do you like the best?


Jessica said...

Okay, get the $100 shoe that you WOULD wear again. 2 of the 3 I like a lot. One is okay in the picture (not sure in person?).
AND...what happened to those silver shoes from DSW? I liked those a lot!!!!!!

David and Melissa Belnap said...

Me and your mom vote for the blue $100 shoes!!!! A big negative on the cheaper ones!!!

Jess said...

I've gotten a couple of good comments on my FB link to my post, I thought you might want to hear them too:

Sarah says: My favorites were the 2nd pair. =) but my first recommendation would be the last (cheap) pair coz like you said who is really gonna see them. My second recommendation would be get the most comfortable pair

Julie says: Totally agree with Sarah.............

And Katie says:Ok, I am a shoe lover, and I am also pretty cheap. But... I would say splurge, and this is why: good shoes wear longer and better than cheap shoes. Also the more expensive blue shoes can be dressed up or down ( they are also soooooo cute!) ...The more expensive brown shoes could do the same and go anywhere and the third pair were adorable too. The 4th pair are, like you said, more casual, so you probably won't get as many wears out of them, and being made of cheaper materials their quality will go down faster a's well (think one season). And more the more expensive shoes will probably be more comfortable, Because of better design. Good shoes are an investment you can wear for many seasons.

This is your special day, wear what makes you feel special and that won't kill your feet by the end of the day ( I would recommend packing some Dr. Scholls fast flats for the end of the day anyway). Congrats on the end of your semester!