Sunday, September 11, 2011

It creeps up on you

I was giving a test for a class to a young child last year, and I asked her what the four seasons were. She said, "summer, spring, fall,"

I've been seeing it everywhere, and it's not even Halloween yet. Working in retail, after the back-to-school rush, your mind automatically starts preparing for the holiday season, which, literally begins the week or two after Halloween. 

Earlier this week, I went to a craft store that's notorious for having their Christmas products out for at least half of the year (you know the one I'm talking about, the one that I could spend all day in just looking). Aisles and aisles of red and green. Even stacked on top of the non-Christmas themed aisles.  I was thinking, " Really?"

Then, earlier this morning, there was a post on a blog that I read about already thinking about saving for Christmas. Being a newlywed, this hit home with me. Money is tight right now for just about everyone, especially us newlyweds or soon-to-be-weds. I don't think people would expect a lot from us, but I love seeing the joy on people's faces when they've opened a gift that I put a lot of thought into.

So, the article I read suggested opening up a new savings account just for Christmas. I really don't think that's necessary unless you have a slew of kids and save the whole entire year for Christmas. Other people I know (namely my mom), buy little things they see all year round when they're on sale. The problem people have is not being able to find these things when it comes time for Christmas (I tend to get a few things around Valentine's day from my mom or grandma that were meant to be given at Christmas. lol).

I think the hubby and I will be sticking to Dave Ramsey's envelope system. I've read most of Dave's book The Total Money Makeover and I really like some of the things that he has to say about money....anyways. 

How do you handle saving for Christmas (and other money things) in your family?


Jessica said...

I start working extra hours about now, and save cash in a secret location. I tell Bart we have no money :)
I give Bart a strict limit of $25 for his dad and brother, since we only spend that much on 2 McClure family members. We don't give each other lavish gifts (usually) and Bart gets a strict limit for each boy. Bart likes to go WAY overboard, so I have to keep him reigned in :)

Katie E. said...

I love the envelope system for saving money. This year I am going to try to make some of my gifts, even though I am not the greatest of crafters. I am also planning on starting to pick things up for the boys or putting money back about now because G's birthday is in November, and M's birthday is in January. This year we are setting spending limits as well, for each other, our family members and the kids too. It is so hard to stick to the Christmas/birthday budgets, but it is so nice not to freak in January.

Saying I do said...

oh my goodness...I hope to start my shopping sooner rather than later so I can spread out the spending. i also want to order most of my stuff online through deals and coupon codes I can find.