Saturday, September 3, 2011

Starting School...Again

It's that time again...

I LOVE back to school time.

  I LOVE buying school supplies. Even as a kid, I loved picking out what folders and binders I would have for the year. My favorite was always Lisa Frank, of course.

Having all of these new supplies makes me feel organized and at peace with the least until mid-semester when things get crazy and I stop using my planner.

I started graduate school at LSUS in their Specialist in School Psychology program about 2 weeks ago. Things are kinda hectic carrying 9 hours, a full time (20 hours/week) graduate assistantship, and working at my part-time job. Justin has been really amazing with helping keep the house clean and food on the table...although I sometimes wonder how often he secretly eats Ramen when I'm not around. Justin is still busy searching for a job. He had an interview earlier in the week that wasn't fruitful.  

This morning, Justin and I drove down to Jonesville for his family reunion. It was the 200th anniversary of the McClure's moving to this region. It was really nice meeting more of Justin's family, and I always enjoy spending time with his parents. I'm even sitting here (sort-of) watching the LSU game at their house. I must admit that I'm a Razorback girl thru-and-thru! We're going to swing through and visit my dad tomorrow on our way home. I, unfortunately, do not get to rest from my labors on Labor Day (yay for holiday pay!).

I hope all of you have a great Labor Day weekend!