Friday, February 10, 2012

Dancing in the Car

So, I maintain the belief that life can be really hard some days. And sometimes you gotta do whatever helps to get you through the day. For me, that's blasting music in my car and dancing.

There are some people that make me feel a total idiot about it. I can't help that when I hear "I'm Every Woman" I crank up the volume, sing a the top of my lungs (with the windows closed, mind you), and dance in my car at red lights. I try not to pay attention to the cars next to me because their reaction kills my good mood. I get pointed and stared at like an alien.Yes, I know I asked for it and I probably look like a total idiot. 

SpongeBob = total idiot

But to all of you out there trying to ruin the one thing that helps me get through those hard days, I say screw you, sir. 
Stop judging me.