Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monograms Part Deux

I did some more work on my monograms earlier this week. I finished painting them. I was initially worried that the color I picked was going to be wrong, but it turned out fabulous.

I have become infatuated with buttons. Antique buttons, to be specific. I ordered some on etsy last week and they got here on Monday. Aren't they gorgeous. They're worn and chipped...absolutely perfect.

 I cleaned them up with some good ole soap, water, and a tooth brush.

 I used craft glue to put them on my M's.
I'm going to find some scrapbook stickers or something that say "Mr." and "Mrs." to put on them; I tried to paint it and it just didn't look good. So, I'll try something different.

I want to hang them from the back of our chairs at the reception(s) with my turquoise ribbon. I don't really want to drill some holes in them. Does anyone have any ideas how I should do that?


jacin {lovely little details} said...

SO amazing!!

Jessica said...

Try hot glue or glue dots to put the ribbon on.
And those buttons are way cute! I know I didn't support the button necklace from last night, but I didn't support it as wedding attire :) not for your everyday wear, lol

What about rub ons for Mr. and Mrs.? Or vinyl decals? I can cut vinyl and mail it if you tell me exactly what you want.