Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guest "Book" & Garage Sale-ing

So, I took a look at guest books not too long ago, and they are (can be) super expensive. I really don't like the whole idea of people just writing their names in a book anyways. Why pay $25+ for some fancy lined paper when you could do something fun instead?

Here's my inspiration from Martha Stewart Weddings. For Martha's featured idea, they had like a journal type book for each table, but I figured, for my small wedding, this would be wasting a lot of paper. We'd just have these books that are only 1/3 of the way full. 

So, I decided to change it to fit my needs. I went to a craft store and found a photo album that I liked (and waited until it went on sale).
That picture is clearly NOT my family...LOL. 

I bought some cream card stock and scored each sheet so 4 cards could be cut from each sheet.
It was a 50 sheet pack so I made about 200 cards.
I'm going to create questions for our guests to answer for us, and we'll put the cards in the photo book after the wedding.

So, yesterday I went garage sale-ing. For our reception in Idaho, we're going to have a dessert bar. I'm going to have 6 different kind of cupcakes, and I don't have any stands or dishes to put them on. Because I like the antique look, I'm finding candle sticks and plates to make cake plates.
Here's my loot so far.
Once I find more candle sticks and plates, I'm going to make a tutorial. But here's an idea of what it would look like if i were to combine the sticks and plates I got.
I hope you all had a great weekend!