Saturday, February 19, 2011

About a Year Later

I've gotten a few comments from people lately about my sorry little blog. I have a blogger account so I can follow other people's blogs, and I really haven't caught on to all of this. So, I've decided to maybe pick this back up...we'll see.

It has been almost a year since I posted, and my last post was quite embarrassing.  I do believe I was complaining about being single (something I was doing a lot a year ago). Shortly after that last post, I swore off caring if I was single and alone. Literally less than a month later I had my first date with Justin McClure. I was a little hesitant about going out with him for two reasons (1) I had a bad experience going to see a movie with him a few months before and (2) he asked me out through facebook.

To make the story short, we've been dating a little over 11 months, and this July I will become Mrs. Justin McClure! WooHoo!

Well, I don't know where I'm really going with this whole blog thing, so stay tuned!


Jessica said...

Um, your whole blog thing could be filled with the frivolous plans of a bride to be!!!!! That's be a good start ;)

And glad you took Justin up on a facebook invite...I think I vaguely remember him being WAY nervous about asking a girl out.

tappingflamingo said...

my blog is all over the place. I blog about my life in general. I also blog about my jewelry making and like to show some of my photography on there too. I also like to share stuff about the church. You can just have a "FUN" blog.