Sunday, November 29, 2009

What do you get when Santa goes down a chimney when a fire is lit?

A Crisp Cringle.

At the close of this Black Friday weekend, I want to touch base on the craziness that has gone on this weekend. I work in our local mall at a store that will go unnamed. This weekend began the official Christmas shopping season for us retail kids. It seems that every year stores open earlier and the customers get a little crazier. One of the stores in the mall was even open on Thanksgiving Day. That's crazy!

I worked crazy hours this week to prepare our store for Black Friday. (side note: I had a customer ask me, earlier in the week, what is Black Friday. I had to ask her if she was serious.) I arrived at my store at 2am on Friday and there were at least 75 people already in line waiting for the store to open at 3am. Customers rushed in after we opened our doors. The line soon snaked from the cash registers all the way to the back of the store and then up to the front door; a second line had to be formed to accommodate all of the customers.

By the time I left the store at noon, it looked as if a bomb went off in our store. A friend of mine told me about the mess Saturday morning before the store opened. They had to pick up all of the clothes that were on the floor and put them in a fitting room until they could be folded and put back on the sales floor. The pile was above her shoulders. When I left Saturday night at 1am, that room hadn't budged.

So, What is my point? Christmas just isn't Christmas anymore. On TV there's now a count down to the count down of Christmas. When did we let Christmas become like this? Does anyone remember what this season is really about? My goal this season is to remember why we have this time of year.